I get asked on almost a daily basis what the best exercise or piece of equipment is for great abs and I always jokingly answer:  a Fork.

We've all heard the saying that abs are made in the kitchen.   I'd say it's actually a combination of compound strength exercises lik...

When people start their New Year's resolutions or set health and wellness goals they typically start with a RESULT they want (like lose 20 pounds).  By contrast a goal is a behavior that you change to get you to the RESULT you are looking for.   I always recommend my c...

So we are now into week one of the Burn it to Earn FIT challenge.  I will be posting results from week one on Saturday afternoon here.

Every day Jason from team DOMINATE LIFE send a motivating email to his team and I want everyone to get a glimpse of what that looks lik...

January 16, 2017

Gut health is one of the most important topics to consider when you are trying to get fit, lose weight, have more energy, or just desire to function as a human being!  It’s a very broad subject that has many rabbit holes to go down!  Here’s the thing, (one of my favori...

I wanted to share another email Jason wrote to his team.   He sends these out to his team almost everyday and they are all very well written and well thought out.   Enjoy!

Muhammad Ali, “The Greatest,” has served as an inspiration for millions of people a...

A lot of you have been able to attend the Burn it to Earn FIT seminars we've hosted (one more chance tomorrow night at 7:00!) and we've talked about the fitness triangle of nutrition, exercise and supplementation.   I'd also add STRESS and SLEEP (but then it's not a fi...

So normally these blog post come from one of the coaches at Fuse Fitness Coaching.   All of you are well aware of the Burn it to Earn FIT Challenge and many of you are participating.    This blog is actually an email one teammate sent to the rest of his team and it's t...

Last week our very own Ethan Gutzmann wrote a great blog about the power of Small Group workouts like those here at Fuse Fitness Coaching when it comes to delivering results.  

This week we start our initial check ins for Burn it to Earn FIT with Seminars this Wed...

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