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Dani's Story


I joined Fuse Fitness last November and my life hasn't been the same since. Fuse fitness in general and the back-to-basics challenge have changed me in so many ways. I have been an athlete on team sports almost my whole life, and since joining the Fuse Fam back in November, I feel like I'm back on a team again. The 5 am class has welcomed me into their space and taught me so much. I am challenged, inspired, and pushed to my limits every day. 


Being new to Fuse Fam, I had only heard about these challenges and was eager to participate in one. And just like working out at Fuse, I figured that the challenge would be structured, orderly, challenging, and rewarding. And I was right! The past 6 weeks have been nothing short of those things. Another reason that I joined the challenge is because I heard there is a party at the end for the teams who competed in the challenge.... and I'm always up for a party!


The main goal that I focused on throughout the challenge was successfully achieving each weekly objective one at a time. Whatever the weekly task was, I prepped like crazy so I could set myself up for success. I implemented a few different systems that helped me achieve the weekly objectives.  Because of the planning, prepping, systems, focus and determination, I was able to achieve all six of the weekly targets, including getting 5K meps. 

My experience with Fuse and the B2BC is amazing. Over the past six weeks (and actually since joining Fuse last November), I have worked harder than I've worked in like 20 years! I can't believe the lifts and circuits I'm doing, but with the help of the trainers I know I'm lifting/working out safely and correctly. Because of these experiences and Fuse fitness, I’m happier, healthier, smarter about nutrition, strength, and training. 


The benefits I've gotten by doing the challenge aren't just physical and numerical. Although I have gotten stronger, lost weight on the scale, and turned a lot of fat mass into lean muscle mass, I have learned a lot more about fitness and nutrition. I know it's always been said that the scale doesn't tell the whole story and that it's only a number. But, to be honest, I never really believed that until now.  From my first results mapping session to my mid-challenge session, I only lost 2 lbs on the scale, BUT.... I turned 20 lbs of fat into LEAN MUSCLE! And I’m so excited to see my final results at the end of the challenge!  This was a major breakthrough for me and led me to the concept of body recompositioning. Instead of solely focusing on losing weight by whatever means possible (like I have tried to do for most of my life), I am now focused on recompositioning my body mass by improving my overall health, nutrition, and fitness through Fuse and the trainers. The philosophy of eating one gram of protein per pound of lean body mass, 30 grams of fiber and half my body weight in water every day has reshaped me both physically and mentally. I love it. 


I couldn’t have done the challenge without my teammates, Georgia Larson and Kristi Romo!!! The unstoppable force of “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” was evident from day 1.  We immediately started planning, chatting, and brainstorming ideas for success throughout the challenge. Whenever I had a question or needed support, they were there for me day or night. During week 4 of the challenge, I really hurt one of my knees and started to get depressed about it, and I felt super defeated. THIS TEAM PICKED ME UP!!! They gave me ALLLL of the support, love, encouragement, suggestions, hugs and high fives that I needed to stay strong and persevere through to the end. Without my team, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” I would have surely given up. 


The fuse trainers were an integral part of the entire process as well. They were always there for me making me feel safe in my lifts and circuits. I especially appreciate how they are always willing to take the time to show me how to do a move correctly to prevent injury. I also think that their personalities and music selection(s) are amazing!! Funny, sarcastic, kind, sincere, caring, and motivating are just a few words I would use to describe the trainers in the Fuse fam.


Thank you for reading my story, and for your consideration in voting for me. 

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