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Kristi's Story


Car accident at 22, left kidney (with cancer) removed at 35, birthing 3 children, and poor diet, have all affected my body. Add on years of inactivity and believing I had to say “yes” to everything, except taking care of myself. I had many good reasons why I couldn't exercise: I’d injure myself, I don’t know how to use the equipment, it’s too costly, I hate working out alone, weird dudes ask for my number then scold me for not wearing my wedding ring to the gym, are just a few examples.  


A little over a year ago that all changed. I showed up to a Fuse Fitness after a few recommendations. I was woefully weak but determined. Working with a small group has been the exact environment needed. I kept worrying about slowing everyone down and being a nuisance, but everyone was so positive. No one rolled their eyes or smirked at my tiny efforts. It was a safe place to train. In so many ways.

The trainers at Fuse ensure I’m using proper form to avoid injury. There is never judgement for using a lighter weight than someone next to me. I’m regularly inspired by everyone I train beside. Matt continues to push me. I can do so much more than I could when I started. 


You know when you pack up your summer clothes for the loooong winter? Of course, always with the intention of wearing them the following summer. But thanks to all the winter survival mashed potatoes and gravy, only the shoes still fit. We all know it’s pointless to keep the clothes, but most people store the bins for our grandchildren to inherit someday.


This spring, I pulled out my bins from three summers ago, and many of my favorite summer clothes fit!! But the results that matter most to me are that I feel great and I have energy for my family! 


This spring challenge was difficult in new ways for me. But my team, “It’s Still 5 o’clock,” kept checking in, sharing their progress, and asking about mine. Dani Harris and Georgia Larson inspired me to dig deeper and lift heavier, and I’m literally stronger because of it! 

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