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Tara's Story

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My husband has been sick a lot the past year and half, and my boys are crazy. I haven’t taken care of myself and have basically been in survival mode. In June, I hit my breaking point. I was tired. Tired of feeling tired all the time. Tired of looking in my closet & feeling like nothing fit. Tired of being ashamed of how I looked. Having been blessed with a great metabolism for most of my life, this was new. I needed a change, but was afraid to start something new. For as many years as I’ve known Matt & Erin, I knew Fuse would be a safe place to start a new routine. I also knew that because I knew them, I wouldn’t back out.

The last week of June I started my trial week & really wanted to back out of that first 5am class.  I knew I couldn’t. If I was going to change anything, this was my best shot. I’m happy I hauled my lazy butt in.

When the fall challenge started, I knew that was my next step. I had been working on just building a routine for working out. Now, I needed to move on to nutrition. Over the past month, I’ve made a much more conscious effort to be aware of what I’m consuming. It’s payed off. I surpassed my goal of dropping 3% body fat & actually lost 5%! I lost 6 pounds weight & 10 lbs fat. My pants fit better & I feel better. I still have a ways to go to hit my end goal, but I am now well on my way & have the confidence to do it, that I didn’t have 12 weeks ago. Thanks everyone for your support!

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