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Jamie's Story


I have dieted my whole life (from the age of 14) and have lost a significant amount of weight many times and very fast with low calories or pills…. but I have never managed to keep it off. 


I always seem to struggle because most everyone I know is big into going out for drinks, happy hours, dinner parties etc.  And I love to participate and mostly I am the planner.

So I go back and forth over the years of being what I call “good” and “bad”…I feel like it always has to be all or nothing with me.


What is different this time for me is the support of my Fuse Fam and the support at home (and honestly I have stopped making excuses of why not)…I have always compared myself to others and said that’s not fair, but I realize now that my  journey has nothing to do with anyone else.


Matt has told me for over 10 years that it is a lifestyle.  I have failed at following this for over a decade.  But this time is different for me because I see how my life has been with being healthier and feeling good. 


Abby worked with me to allow me to still have some of the things I love and when people ask me now what kind of a diet I’m on I say, “I’m not, it’s a lifestyle change and I can have anything I want but in moderation!”


So I was hoping to crush this challenge and win for once.  I decided to quit drinking and changed to unlimited training and allowed myself only one cheat meal a week (and actually stuck to a meal plan longer than two weeks).  I was going to take a picture when I started, but honestly I felt the worst I have ever felt and kept waiting and waiting till I could have the courage to do it……I still am not ready to have a “before” picture of me posted but I am working on it and I have lost 7.9% and 5 pounds and I am feeling great!  And I will continue my lifestyle change and hopefully be able to post a pic someday!

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