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Ann's Story

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I’m Ann Szozda and I first joined Fuse in mid-2018 looking for something new. Fitness had always been a part of my life. I grew up going to the YMCA with my dad and have always found it easy to prioritize working out. Through two kids, different jobs, business travel and summer weekends in the cabin, I was always getting in a work out. Last year I found myself in a major fitness rut, bored of spin class, bored of the same old lifting on the floor, bored of running. And while I was in shape, I wasn’t really getting stronger, faster or more lean. My sister recommended I try Fuse. After my first month, I knew it would be a fit for me. At Fuse, there is variety in the lifting routine, I am pushed passed my limits with the trainers, I stay healthy due to good form and rolling, plus there is accountability with Fuse Fam!

Fast forward to the Team Breakthrough Challenge. I was coming off a rough summer where I put on more weight than I wanted and decide to use the challenge to get myself back on track. With the challenge comes extra accountability, my competitive edge (and my sister’s), and fun! This challenge, I decided to focus on nutrition. Specifically, hitting my macros and limiting my sugar, my weak spot. I followed my food plan and didn’t let a bad day, or life, impact the next day. I stuck to my check-ins and each week I saw progress. During the challenge, I trained for and participated in the Twin Cities 10-mile, which was my first race in six years and my first race where I focused on nutrition. In my 18 years of running, I have never felt so good; my body feels charged every day and I no longer felt every run in my knees.

I am down 5.6 lbs of body fat from this challenge and for the first time fit into my pre-kid pants. This challenge really helped me feel and see the benefit of the nutrition planning. I now prefer eating the right foods and look forward to continued success at Fuse!

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