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Janine's Story


Well after having my little one I have struggled to get back to pre-baby weight (she is now 18, lol only joking). I managed to get pretty close last year, losing 25lbs, but lost it so quickly (in 6 weeks) that I put it all back on and more. Fitting into NOTHING in my wardrobe was getting me so down that my wonderful sister-in-law introduced me to FUSE.


I liked the idea of group personal training, with the bonus of the nutrition that has turned out to be key for me. This challenge provided the accountability I needed, and the support and knowledge I have gained from the coaches and other members is invaluable. It has been a slow process (I always want quick results which of course doesnt work0. I have to keep reminding myself to be patient, but I now feel I am equipped (with help from you’all) to do this!


I found that tracking and eating mindfully is working for me, and of course listening to the coaches. I am so thankful for the coaches, who really do want to help you reach your goals through fitness and nutrition and educating along the way on both.  A special thank you to my teammates! They have been so motivating and inspiring, and I am so grateful. Susie, Mandie, and Shannah - we are going to try and continue this on after the challenge. You ladies are class! x

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