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Jim's Story

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Why did I join the challenge? Simple, because Miriam asked and couldn't tell her no... she scares me, lol.   I have been wanting to make some changes regarding my health and my lifestyle for some time now but whenever I tried I caught myself falling back into my same old routines.  I am a very competitive person so being in a team challenge and having others depend on me to do my part, I thought would be the extra motivation to stick to it. 

When thinking about what I wanted to get out of this, I knew I didn't want to just crash for 6 weeks and make lifestyle changes that were not sustainable long term.  I wanted to set goals that could be lifestyle changes I could hold on to for well after the challenge.  I really viewed this as a kick-off to a new outlook on my health.  I have been a consistent gym goer for many years but have struggled to see many results outside of being able to push heavier things around.   

Nutrition has always been the harder part for me to manage. The tips and tools I gained from the coaches and staff were the real difference makers for the results I saw.  Plus the kick in the ass from our team leader, Miriam (who scares the hell out of me), and the encouragement from all the coaches and other participants helped me throughout the last six weeks.  I exceeded some goals, missed some, but overall and happy with my results and the changes I have been able to make.

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