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Jen's Story

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My story begins on the very first day of the challenge which was on Tuesday, April 5th.  I was ready to get lean and mean and to look amazing in my summer tank tops and shorts.  I checked in and after hearing my horrendous numbers and wiping a few tears away, I was totally motivated and ready to make some changes!  


Then came 5 minutes later.


I was doing some high knees at, I mean, Chili Lime...and I severely sprained my ankle being the clumsy person that I am.  So severe that I dropped thinking it was broken and I instantly knew my workout routine was crushingly compromised.


I cried and couldn't believe I was out of this challenge....or was I?

I came to class 2 days later in a brace and wanting to participate in some capacity but I was totally expecting Matt to send me home.  


Instead, Matt was the nicest coach that I've ever had with him giving me special workouts, bringing me my weights and making sure I didn't have to move very much.  It was the best day ever!!!  But that only lasted ONE day.

Every day after that was him and the Fuse coaches tailoring the exercises for me but also not treating me with kid gloves.   I was still a part of the workout and they didn't make me feel sidelined in the slightest.  In fact, they challenged me to not feel sorry for myself and to keep moving which was the most invaluable gift I could have ever received.


And because of my injury, I had to focus primarily on the nutritional challenges to hopefully see some success and to not let my team down. So I worked hard with every nutritional goal while I kept moving in any way I could.


When I checked in at the midway point, I discovered I was down 6% body fat and I instantly knew how important these nutritional challenges were.


And then, 6 weeks later at the end of the challenge and still wearing my brace, I checked in for my final numbers. 

I am now down to 9% body fat and I'm thrilled with my results...whether I was even injured or not!


Thank you Fuse Fitness Coaching, my Fuse friends and my awesome team!

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