Sharon's Story

Sharon Before and After Pic.png

When the challenge was announced, I knew I NEEDED to get back to a routine for myself and back on clean eating and meal prepping. I had gained 10-15lbs within a two month time frame; I was miserable and disgusted with myself. I had done A LOT of emotional eating after my mom’s fall and a week later her stroke, it changed all of our lives in so many ways; but that is a story for another time.

I asked Matt and Erin to place me on a team that was “all in” and had goals they too wanted to reach; within a couple days, Women Warriors were united. Amy L, Shannah and Georgia - thank you for all your honesty throughout the challenge as you were vulnerable and shared with our group. Thank you for all the support you showed me in some tough days. Thank you for being honest women. I strongly believe we all grew in this challenge; and with that I say…continue to bring out that Fierce Warrior inside of you.  

This six-week challenge changed me in so many ways, not only physically, but also mentally. I have known and worked with Matt on and off for years. Have I always listened to him? Nope. This time, I was in; I had to be. There was a lot I needed to change, but you know what? NO ONE can go home and implement every little thing that you KNOW needs to change. You start small and add from there. Two examples for me were my sleep and vegetables. Vegetables - it’s a love-hate relationship. Hate them in the winter and love them in the summer. I made a goal to start with 2 servings a day. Ugh. Some days I got it; others not so much. Six weeks later, I now have 4-5 servings a day, and you know what? I have to because my body now craves those nutrients each day. Sleep, I would get 4-4.5 hours a night and then get up to be at the gym by 5am (seriously). First two weeks, I just couldn’t do it…so baby steps on sleep. I added 15mins each week and now I am up to 5.5-6 hours most nights.  


At my check out, I didn’t know what the results would be. I felt so much stronger but yet the scale at home didn’t seem to budge much and I have recently felt I am always pulling up my leggings (how annoying). I am not one to smile or talk too much in the early morning, for mornings are not my thing. But Friday morning, I had the biggest smile on my face and just felt a sense of accomplishment. Yes, I still need to implement some things and make those changes; but we all have to start where you know it is doable or you give up too soon. Remember, all of our bodies are unique and shouldn’t be cookie cutter images of each other. I love the 5am Strong Women group (along with Zach and Mike). I feel we all encourage each other in some way. Thank you to Jess, Dani and Marci, who have been my workout partners these past couple weeks. Without your encouragement to push and drive, there is no way I would have gotten the workouts I did all on my own. We have all heard over and over again that it is not always about the number on the scale.  

“We’ll soon leave 2020 behind, and in 2021 we will focus on getting back to the foundation of fitness and striving for results.” This is only the beginning for all of us. Continue to strive for the results you want; I know I will be because Strong is Beautiful inside and out.