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Britta's Story

Happy healthy woman

One year ago, I gave myself a long-term goal to lower my cholesterol levels through diet and exercise alone. It has been through Fuse challenges that I set short term goals, mainly nutrition, that has kept me working toward that one goal. I am happy to say that I did what I needed to do to reach that long term goal :)


I sign up for Fuse challenges because it is just one of the tools I use to keep myself accountable in my health and wellness journey. This challenge has been incredibly positive experience. It is so fun to be a part of this community that is here to push each other in the challenge journey. Showing up for Fuse group workouts has been the easy part of the experience. I know that I have people in the room that will push me and tell me to add more weight on. Having a team to do quick check-ins, likes to workout. and general "killing it" comments keeps this experience fun.


I have used my team to help more with the nutrition part of my goals, getting ideas for meals and foods to try keeping it fresh. I am so thankful that I was introduced to Fuse over 2 years ago by one of my challenge teammates. I couldn't imagine a more welcoming environment, and the trainers are such a big part of that. They meet you where you are at and challenge you to do more!

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