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Rob's Story

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I joined this challenge because I love to compete and it's for a good cause: my health and well-being!


For this challenge, I started working out at least 2x a week at Fuse and walking at least once a day if I’m not working out. I began focusing on incorporating more protein and complex carbohydrates into my diet. And with the competitive spirit in me, I wanted to help my team win! Not only have they motivated me throughout the challenge, but I was always trying to catch up to my teammate, Ronn, in MEPs (My Effort Points)! I've been super motivated to stay near the top of the MEPs leader board.


After my midpoint check in with Matt, my weight had stayed the same and I've gained lean muscle mass. I am more aware of how my diet can impact the amount of lean muscle mass I have on my body and continue to add more protein in my diet.


Since I've been training at Fuse, I have learned so much! I had never been trained on any lifts/moves in the past. The Fuse trainers make sure I am using the proper technique.  They also push me to the limit and make sure I am aware to bring my heart rate down before doing the next exercise. Overall I’ve learned so much about nutrition, lifting, and general wellness, and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it!

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