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Seana's Story

Seana Before 3.jpg

Back in 2018 I came home from work feeling ill, and the next morning had spiked a fever of 104, was unresponsive, and my husband rushed me to the hospital. I was immediately transferred to a hospital that handles traumatic incidents, and an MRI revealed a large amount of swelling around my brain stem. I went into a non-medically induced coma for a month, and no cause of the sudden illness was determined.


Prior to this medical event I was in great shape, but when I finally came out of my coma, I literally had to learn everything again; walk, talk, eat. I basically had to learn how to do life again. 2.5 years into my recovery I needed to start exercising. I loved doing classes and I was a member at a larger gym, but I needed more assistance and modifications, and it wasn't able to give me the kind of individual help I needed. So I started going to Fuse, where I received everything I needed. It made me feel confident again and when the challenge came about, I wanted to do it.


During the challenge, I knew I needed to keep pushing myself. I needed to increase my stamina, strength, balance and coordination. I feel the trainers and members at Fuse are non-judgmental with my lack of abilities; balance, coordination and weakness. And I loved that during the challenge I was part of a team and the accountability that really made it fun!


The trainers at Fuse are fun and willing to help and modify, and I’m proud that I’m continuing on my journey back to my old self (or maybe a great new self)!

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