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Brittany's Story


I have always struggled with my fitness goals and have always made excuses. I can honestly say for the first time, I am finally in a great routine, that I stick to 90% of the time. I work 2 jobs, I’m a single parent of 2 children. However, I always find time to focus on my fitness and nutrition now.


My new focus has changed my life, for myself, my career, and my family. I thoroughly enjoy my morning workouts at Fuse Fitness Coaching and they set the tone for my day. I have a long way to go but already have come so far.


I don’t get to take all the credit, the support system at Fuse Fitness Coaching has been amazing! I use to be and still can be at times, “hard to teach”. I realize that’s a downfall and is one of the main things I’m trying to work on. I have realized that all you need to get this done is to just want it bad enough. There is a fine line between loving your body and loving your body and self enough to do the work to be fit and healthy. Health is wealth!


This is my journey, and it’s by far the happiest I have ever been. It makes everything seem possible. I love hearing my friends and family say that they are inspired and motivated by my journey. That is amazing!

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