Becky's Story

Hi, I’m Becky Knapp. I live in Zimmerman. My husband and I have five children, four grandchildren and recently added two fur babies to the mix - because why not?!? Growing up I was not “fat”, I was not “skinny”, I was not “athletic”. I was not brought up to hate my body or really ever pay attention to it. I do know that I have been uncomfortable in my own body since I can remember.

It wasn't until after babies and I was in my 30’s that I set foot in a gym or even on a treadmill. The more I got into fitness the worse my body image got. After ten plus years, still being uncomfortable in my own body and running to keep myself together, I joined Fuse (the social media posts made by a friend pushed me also). With a background in physical therapy and personal training, I knew I needed to cut back on running, even though it was the only thing that kept me together during bouts of depression, illness and trying times.


I knew it was time to get new advice and finally make a change. When I attended that first Saturday morning boot camp class with Connor I was hooked (and it wasn’t the accent, the white tube socks or the beard). I was excited to finally find a gym where I could let my guard down, have the support of others and feel safe. I have been pushed beyond my limits, frustrated beyond belief and encouraged when I was feeling defeated; this is what makes Fuse different from any other gym I have been to.

I have been addicted to running for about eight years. I don’t use the word addicted lightly, I have not gone one day without running in years, until I joined Fuse. Rest days?! There was one in 2018 for good reason. Connor and a few other coaches encouraged me to cut back on running during this challenge and “see whut happins” (imagine Connor saying it). BUT....the MEPS, what about the MEPS? After two weeks I cut back my running from 60+ miles a week down to 40+ miles. After two weeks, I cut back on my running mileage to 30 miles a week. And guess what?!? The scale moved!


I lost 4.2% body fat and 10 pounds during this challenge by running less. This is 10 pounds I have been trying to lose for two years by running. Instead of running I enjoyed my workouts again, the classes at Fuse were always different, always challenging and always fun!

I feel with my stubbornness, the help of the coaches and many of the members at Fuse I’m at a different point in my quality of life, my goals and focus have changed. I am excited to continue my journey at Fuse and see where it takes me.