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Jen's Story


Working from home, especially during a pandemic, made me want to hibernate even more than I normally do. I was eating and drinking all the things. My motivation was way down and my depression was way up. I was lonely and weak.


I needed to make a change and have some accountability. This challenge came at such a great time when I was ready to make myself a priority and focus on healthier eating and exercise. I've seen my body transform over the weeks and my confidence in myself and my abilities have returned.  It was an incredible experience and just the beginning for me!

My focus during the challenge was drinking more water and eating more protein and vegetables...while cutting way back or even eliminating things like soda, alcohol, simple sugar and processed foods. Moving more and coming to class at Fuse consistently was also incredibly important and necessary to me.


As a result, my body, mind and spirit have become stronger, healthier and more resilient. So many benefits and healthy habits were made and I'm so excited to continue on this journey!


And extra plus was my challenge team, which consisted of the 3 most badass ladies I know!  I'm lucky that I get to workout with them every week but even more so to call them my friends! And I love the Fuse trainers so much (except, don't tell Matt that...we don't want his head to get any bigger) and because of them, I love coming to class to both have fun and to be challenged.   Laughing while working out is an incredible gift that the Fuse team has mastered.  My body, mind and spirit are so much stronger because of them and this challenge!

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