Tim's Story

I graduated high school at 149 lbs at 6,’1”. I was pretty skinny.

I thought "skinny" and "kind of fit" was my only options for results in weight training.  Since I was so skinny, I had body image issues and always felt inadequate. I wanted to be a strong and fit. This is the complete opposite to the folks that are trying to loose weight. It literally could be considered a full time job. Especially trying to consume all those calories needed for the muscle gain. I don’t want this story to take from all those amazing weight loss stories, however I wanted to show that for some, muscle gain can be equally as hard.

I started Fuse after listening to my wife Missy rave about how good of a place and workout it was.

A couple years ago, I was working out in my garage doing cardio kickboxing and lifting weights, thinking to myself, this is all the workout I need. I’m good. I would hit the garage gym a few days a week and on quite a few lucky occasions the one and only Connor O'Connell would come and visit his brother from overseas and work out with me. As you all know Connor is and always will be such a joy to workout with. He would come up with awesome exercises to do and as you know all kinds of crazy shit to do too.

Then Missy convinced me to come try a free week at Fuse and said it would be a good way to hang out and spend some time together. I mean who wouldn’t listen to their wife, right?

I did the first week and realized how much fun it was to work out in a group environment.

The instruction was awesome and the people in class were like-minded and a ton of fun to work out with.

I’ve met some really nice folks in the 6pm Misfit Class. Shout out to just a few of my regular peeps that make it so much fun: Brad, Denny, Colin, Missy, Annie, and T-Shred.

I believe there has even been a wedding anniversary or two spent at Fuse holding hands with my wife on the box jumps and doing sharks in the water.

When I joined I was under the assumption that the only supplement you really need is a pre-workout of any type and a water bottle. I couldn’t have been further from correct if I tried. I chatted with Luke a bit about some supplements back when I started and was turned on to some products in the Advocare line.

I started with Spark because a pre-workout supplement is all you need right? Wrong...

Then I learned about something called post-workout supplements and mass gain sups, Bio charge etc. Protein for bedtime? Lol

Long story short on supplements is, I believe they actually work.

My post workout supplement used to be to down the rest of my water and follow that up with a Grizzly and we are good till the next workout. Nicole told me if you want to build muscle you have to eat. This was a foreign concept to me.

I was always under the assumption that if I ate healthy and kept my calories down and lifted weights I should be able to build muscle. After a few times of talking to her about this I reluctantly took Nicole’s advice. I finally started tracking my food on my fitness pal and started consuming 3800 - 4000 calories per day with 250 grams of protein. Have you ever seen people who just eat protein powder out of the container? This is what I felt like.

The weird part about this whole journey is that I really only hit the gym another 1 to 2 more times a week than what I was doing in the first place. I could never wrap my head around the idea that calories can build muscle.

Fuse has been an amazing place for me and my wife to workout at. The atmosphere here is second to none. The trainers are always willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals. Whether they are helping with your form which I have learned so much about being here at Fuse. Or yelling at you that "so-and-so (ahem, Nicole) can lift more than that" or "you can do 5 more reps or that’s not heavy enough for you". Or even as simple as, "Okay guys we’re going to do some press ups then get some water on board for the next set of crazy stuff I’ve come up with."

You can go work out at any gym. I know the whole #FuseFam thing gets tossed around here a lot, even while I’m sitting here writing this reflecting on my story though I realize this place really is a family. We all make up a piece of Fuse no matter how big or how small a piece that may be.

I wish you all the best in your goals and training. This week I hit 190 lbs and 11 percent body fat. I have never weighed this much in my life. Missy wants to believe it is her amazing cooking (but she doesn’t cook), I have to credit Connor and Fuse for challenging and pushing me along the way. I still plan to build more muscle and continue with this journey!!

Cheers Fuse Family