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Diana's Story

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I started my journey at Fuse just a little over 2 years ago. But let me tell you a little about me prior to Fuse. 


Growing up I was always in sports. I even continued to play on volleyball and softball leagues with my friends as an adult. That time I will always look fondly back on, playing two nights a week, tournaments on the weekends, and going out afterwards. I always could eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight, or if I did, I could lose it, no problem.


Then I met my wonderful husband and started to have kids. I put on weight, but I wasn’t worried because I never had any problems before. Why bother? Then I had my final child and my parents weren’t in the best of health, so I was busy helping them and stressed out. I turned 40 and I started gaining more weight even though I was eating and drinking the same as I always did. I knew I needed to make a change. That’s when Fuse came into the picture.

I joined Fuse and I kept telling myself to take it slow because it took a lot of years to get to where I was, so it wasn’t going to happen overnight. My first goal was to get in a rhythm of working out. It was great. I met so many great people at Fuse and there were also familiar faces. I entered my first challenge and my team won! It was a kick ass team and they really inspired me and got my competitive nature back.

At the start of this challenge I knew I needed to take it to the next level and work on my nutrition. I set a goal of more water intake and eating more chicken and really thinking about everything else I ate. The water intake was huge for me because it also really helped me with sleep which had been a problem for years. I gave up drinking soda including in mixed drinks which also helped a lot. 


I am proud of what I have accomplished this challenge and I want to continue to meet goals I set for myself. I know Matt, Fuse staff, and my Fuse Family will be there to help!!!

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