Wednesdays at 7pm Thursdays at 10:30am

Elk River

Saturdays at 10am

 Class is FREE to all Fuse Fitness Coaching Clients

AND members of Snap Fitness of Champlin and Elk River!

Spots are limited to 12 participants, so please sign up on the MindBody app (search Fuse Fitness Coaching) or sign up by clicking HERE!


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Foga is Fuse Fitness Coaching’s rendition of functional yoga: a combination of stretching, foam rolling, and other myofascial release techniques designed to increase joint mobility, stretch muscles, and release fascial trigger points.  Each week, the class focus changes to identify one specific muscle area or movement and use myofascial release to loosen up the fascia and generate some flexibility.  We then move into yoga flows specifically related to major lifts from the Fuse Fitness Coaching programming for the week.  These are non-traditional flow patterns for the weight-lifting yogi that intentionally activate and move joints and muscles on multiple planes. We finish by working on joint rehabilitation movements to help create space so that joints can move more effectively and optimally. Better joint mobility encourages proper technique and stronger muscle activation and engagement.  The class flow of Foga is designed to help individuals achieve better range of motion and decrease risk for injury, thus helping you maximize your workouts.