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Georgia's Story


Two days a week at 5:00AM, I am fortunate to get a welcomed pump up from one badass lady gang (and occasional dude) at Fuse.  It’s one of my quirky versions of happy hour. At the end of the day, I relish in getting “the crazy out” by going for a run--my second quirky version of happy hour.   Then, like most of you, the rest of my time is spent spinning all the plates, wearing many hats, and keeping things afloat. I am a wife, a mother, a teacher, and a friend.  I sincerely love being all those things. But, I have discovered that if I don’t do something to care for myself, it is really hard to do the things I need to do, support the people I need to support.  

This is especially true for me as a teacher.  My days are largely spent uplifting and encouraging many of the kids who come to Champlin Park each day.  And when they step into my classroom, I challenge them daily to step out of their comfort zone and try hard things.  What has made sense to me, then, is to also make sure I experience that same feeling of rising to a challenge. More than once, I’ve talked about running the race of life or taking the leap which may mean jumping higher than I ever imagined I could.    


This is why challenges like the ones we have at Fuse are the perfect thing for me--I am able to step out of my comfort zone and try something hard.  I am sure some of you would agree, trying to stick with these challenges isn’t always easy. It’s a marathon in its own right. In fact, I will argue hands down that trying to eat right for an extended period of time is one of the harder things to do--who knew?!? Honestly, training for a marathon is easier for me than posting consistently on My Fitness Pal and meeting my macros.  Geesh!

I would like to thank my SLAM 2.0 team for a good run!  It sure is fun being competitive with a team. Thanks again to the 5:00 am Crew for some good times and awesome support.  And, thank you Fuse FAM for being a different kind of fitness business. I love the way you support the Champlin community, my community.  And, I especially love the way you support Champlin Park High School and its feeder schools, my schools. The fitness world can definitely have its endgame focused on vanity.  But at Fuse, it seems as though it’s about community, friendship, health, wellness, and a plain old good time. All of this is done through the lens of pushing people to imagine beyond what they perceive is their limitations.  So, as you mold, support, and push me, you essentially affect the lives of the people I care for--and that’s a pretty cool thing.  

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