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Dani's Story


I did the spring fever challenge because I love a good competition. I think it's great that Fuse runs these challenges and encourages people to compete to do their best. I like to stay involved in things and the spring fever challenge helped to keep things fresh and keep me motivated to work out every day. 

I focused my goals on nutrition and meps this time around. I have done a good job of staying on track with protein, fiber, and water throughout the entire challenge, not just on their specific weeks. But mostly this time around, I focused my goal on staying on track with my meps throughout the entire challenge. During the last challenge I did, I fell behind on meps and I vowed that I'd never do that again. I'm proud to say that I stayed on track with my meps this WHOLE challenge. 


My experience was 10/10 - would recommend! I had the GREATEST experience throughout this challenge! I love working out at Fuse and I love the Fuse Fam! I look forward to working out at Fuse. I love the people in the classes, I love the trainers, and I love everything about it! 

I got numerous benefits by doing the challenge including a sense of accomplishment and pride. I am proud of myself for the work I have done over the past 6 weeks. I'm super excited to see my final numbers when I check out of the challenge. I know that I'm going to be DOWN a significant number on the scale AND UP in lean body mass. 

My team, "It's Still 5 o'clock" is simply the best. They motivate me, inspire me, push me, encourage me, and help me to be the best version of myself that I can be. They hold me accountable for my workouts, and I honestly know that I would let them down if I failed... and I don't want to do that! They make me a better person all around. 

FUSE TRAINERS ARE THE BEST!!! Simply the BEST!! I can't imagine working out any other way. Having the trainers there to design the workouts and help me see them through is truly amazing. I can say with 100% certainty that I would NEVER work out as much or as hard or as often as I do without the fuse trainers. I love them!!!

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