Joe's Story


Life is short, moments fleeting. I want to be the very best version of myself for as long as I possibly can. I did this challenge to help me focus on healthy, sustainable habits that I can carry forward and build upon.


And this has been a great 6 weeks! Regardless of the outcome, I am grateful that I have been able to move and work out on a regular basis. Like so many of us, I have had my share of injuries and setbacks. This last year, in particular, has been a doozy. A hip impingement, scar tissue stuck in my ankle, a chronic groin strain, and major SI joint instability ... I don’t know on a given day whether I should roll out more, or just donate my body to science! But thankfully I’ve been able to work through it and get back to a solid routine. I think that’s the key for me and what I hoped to get out of this challenge... Finding healthy habits that aren’t TOO hard, and that keep me moving. 


Thanks to Matt and everyone at FUSE for giving me such an awesome place to get my groove on. I look forward to it every day!


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