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What makes a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor different than other heart rate monitors?

A typical heart rate monitor tells you your maximum heart rate based on a basic equation, but that doesn't account for individual differences. The average heart rate monitor calculates calories burned based on your heart rate and a few stats (age, height, gender, etc.). While this may work for some, most of us don't fit into the same mold. MyZone Heart Rate Monitors stores the workouts you've done and recalculates your max heart rate and all of your zones based on the workouts you do. This increases the accuracy of the calories you burn and percentage of effort you are putting in so you know exactly how hard you are working. 

MyZone: A Better Way to Measure Effort

MyZone Heart Rate Monitors measure your physiological effort being given by telling you what percentage of your max heart rate you are at. It divides these percentages up by range, providing you with zones labeled by color. 

Where can I buy a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor?

Right here at Fuse Fitness Coaching! We sell the MZ-3 models, and we'll give you custom cardio workouts. Talk to a Results Coach to get set up today!

How are MyZone Heart Rate Monitors used for boot camp?

MyZone Boot Camps are based on high intensity intervals of working up to your red zone (90% effort or higher) followed by recovering to your green zone (70%-79% effort). A variety of both strength and cardiovascular movements are incorporated into the workout. 

MyZone Boot Camp Pricing


Our MyZone bootcamp classes are one of the many class options available to small group personal training clients and one-on-one personal training clients. These workouts can be booked as part of your normal package.

*When weather-appropriate, classes are held outdoors. Space is limited.

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