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Our Mission



We are dedicated to providing our clients with an exceptional, individualized personal training experience. We offer this experience in the form of one-on-one personal training, small-group personal training, nutrition coaching and our SPARKS Youth Performance Enhancement Training.

 Our Fuse brand is built on the concept of community, a place where people of all fitness levels can achieve better health.

 Our trainers work to support you, to challenge you and talk through obstacles in your journey to better health. We stand beside you and guide you every step of the way. We insure you’re using the proper form to prevent injury, we challenge you to train harder and more efficiently, we advise you on nutrition. We track your progress through our Results Mapping program and we continually make modifications that keep you on track to achieving your goal.


Our Philosophy

Getting fit and staying fit is as much about what you do, as how you do it.

We specialize in customized strength workouts, individualized cardiovascular conditioning plans and nutrition coaching for each of our clients. That means a trainer who focuses on you each and every time you walk through the door, modifying workouts and nutrition plans to fit your needs for that very day.

We believe that in order to sustain results over time you must work hard AND have fun. We believe you must work in a safe way and nourish your body correctly in order to succeed.

Any instructor can write a series of random workouts and make you perspire, but a great coach will truly inspire.

Our unique approach to class times allow you to work one-on-one with a personal trainer whether it be privately or in a small group that will keep you motivated and help hold you accountable.

At Fuse Fitness Coaching we focus on the process and the journey.  By constantly progressing your workouts and properly fueling your body the results will come.

Our comprehensive IGNITE, BURN, EXPLODE program is a unique series of workouts designed to get your body ready for the next step. The workouts progress as you get stronger, leaner and more efficient.

When you partner with a Fuse Fitness Coaching trainer your workouts will include a combination of strength training, Tabata, TRX, ropes, boxing and kettlebells. Not familiar with the buzz words? That’s OK, your trainer will guide you every step of the way and outline a program that’s right for you.




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