Candace's Story

Candace_Before and After.png

I'm Candace (aka Dr. Andy's wife), and I'm new to the Fuse Family as of 6 weeks ago.


To go back a bit, 2018 was an emotionally tough year for me with the loss of my father and taking my board certification in oncology pharmacy. During stressful times I turn to food. On top of that, I'm a mom and wife who puts her health and fitness to the back burner. I have a strong family history of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. I needed to start focusing on myself to ensure I'll be around for my family and to be a happier and healthier mom and wife.


When I joined Fuse, Miriam (my coach) and I set a goal to decrease my body fat to a healthy level. Through encouragement at every check in and reminders to clench my glutes, I am well on my way to my goal!


The 5 am crew has been an encouraging and welcoming group that has pushed me to gain strength and progress to my fitness goals. Making my morning workout a priority has improved my mental and physical health.


Thanks to the trainers and 5 am crew!