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To put it simply, it is our method of tracking your progress and making recommendations to help you reach your goals. This includes bi-weekly body composition checks, a customized meal plan, and one-on-one nutrition coaching. The best part is that it comes free with your training program!

Reaching your fitness goals takes a combination of exercise, good nutrition, and a customized supplement plan to help fill nutritional gaps. While exercise alone gets you about 20% of the way to your goal, 80% of your success is based on good nutrition. You simply can’t out-exercise poor nutrition.

In a world filled with fast fixes, we understand that each person is different and know the same nutrition and supplement plan won’t work for everyone.

Each week, as part of our small-group personal training and one-on-one personal training, we encourage clients to focus on ONE nutritional priority. We understand that building habits takes time and that when people try to work on more than one habit at a time, their success rate drops from 85% to 35%.

Whether you are limited by time, knowledge or social support, our Certified Nutrition Coaches can help you make the changes necessary to look and feel your best.

Weekly nutrition coaching is included with your training package. If you are interested in more in-depth nutrition coaching/lessons and/or personalized meal plans please contact a personal trainer for more information.

One way we try to help with nutrition is by offering meal prep workshops through the Simple Fix program at HyVee in Brooklyn Park. This makes meal prep fun and easy, and you get to hang out with the FUSE FAM while you do it!


Meals are carefully selected with the help of a dietitian to ensure they are nutritious (and still delicious)! As a group, we typically prep 8 meals with 4 servings each, at a cost of $165. 


Gluten free, dairy free, and certain protein substitutions (i.e. chicken instead of fish) are typically available to try to accommodate everyone's dietary needs and preferences as best we can!


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