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High-Carb, Low-Carb, No-Carb? How much does YOUR body need?

This macro nutrient is surrounded in confusion. High-carb, low-carb, no-carb? There really isn’t an ideal amount that meets the needs of all individuals. I tell all of my clients to think of carbs like you would gas for a car. The more you drive the more gas you need. Carbohydrate intake should really be based on an individual’s level of activity. The more active an individual is, the more they can eat.

That doesn’t mean that if you workout for an hour, you should eat a full spaghetti dinner each night. A small amount goes a long way and we definitely abuse this category of foods—excess intake can cause weight gain. Realistically, majority of the population can meet their carbohydrate needs by fruits and vegetables alone.

Prioritize vegetables and some fruit as your primary carbohydrate choices---remember the 3:1 rule (3 veggies per 1 fruit)

The goal is to aim for stable blood sugars all day so that our body can utilize our fat stores. When our blood sugars look like the graph below (because of a high carb breakfast) we ride the energy roller coaster all day. We feel great one hour and need a coffee or nap the next. If this describes you, fluctuating blood sugars could be to blame and could be the reason you're not seeing results.

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