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School's in Session-Meal Prep 101

We’ve probably all heard the quote attributed to Ben Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

This is very true when it comes to nutrition. In the last few weeks we’ve talked about getting our veggies (7-9 servings) and eating our protein (1 deck of cards size serving for women (2 for men) 4-6 times per day). But eating like this takes time and time for many of us is our biggest barrier to success.

School starts for most kids next week and for most of us this means busier schedules between school activities and the kids after school activities not to mention we all have careers to manage.

Try picking a day or two to meal prep. Schedule this like you would your workouts anything else in your life that is important to you. Pre-cut up your veggies (or buy them pre-cut). Cook your chicken, turkey, organic beef or whatever else you need for dinners and lunches for the next few days. Hard boil up eggs so you can easily grab them for breakfast or a quick snack. If your goals are important to you plan so you can succeed!

Earlier this week I shared an article from the daily burn with 12 tips to meal planning I thought was worth sharing again.

Have a great Labor Day weekend from all of us at Fuse Fitness Coaching!

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