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The MAGIC Pill to Losing Body Fat

We are now heading into week 6 of the Burn it to Earn FIT team transformation challenge... the FINAL week. So far the teams have lost an amazing 877.1 pounds of FAT. That's just over 11.5 pounds of fat PER PERSON! So what's the secret magic formula to all that fat loss? It's actually incredibly simple, build lean muscle and MEAL PLANNING so that we can eat well and BURN FAT.

We’ve probably all heard the quote attributed to Ben Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

This is very true when it comes to nutrition. In the last few weeks we’ve talked about getting our veggies (7-9 servings) and eating our protein (1 deck of cards size serving for women (2 for men) 4-6 times per day). But eating like this takes time and time for many of us time is our biggest barrier to success.

Sometimes we ask you to track your nutrition so we can help you make different decisions or give you specific examples of what we need you to do differently to keep gaining lean muscle tissue and burning fat.

I will give you another secret... everyone is busy. Jobs, kid's (Name of sport) tournaments, (that sport's) practices, (Name of school function) meetings, (insert name of organization you volunteer or work for) function, (insert function, ex. birthdays, weddings, other party occasion and weekend getaways).

Then of course there's Ground Hog's day, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, President's Day, etc. You get the idea. There is always things going on, life is busy and while certain times of the year might be busier then others for you if your health and wellness goals are truly important to you will need to make it a priority.

I heard a great motivation speaker yesterday who said "no one is a procrastinator... if you aren't doing something is just not a priority for you right now." I think that's o.k. if it's not a priority right now but make sure you are honest with yourself.

If you are ready to make it a priority now, here are some ideas and tips to make meal planning and eating well a little easier:

- First, don't go to events hungry. We've talked in previous post about how our bodies crave sugar when we are overly hungry. We make poor food choices and we tend to over-eat. Try having a protein snack like a Meal Replacement shake like the one's we carry at Fuse Fitness Coaching before going somewhere where healthy food options are limited.

- Pack your own cooler with foods that you know will help you succeed like veggies, berries, nuts and beef jerky (my favorite on the go snack).

- Before going for the sweets at the party or function try filling your plate with veggies, proteins and healthy fats like nuts at that function. This will help fill you up making high calorie treats less appetizing.

- When it comes to meal prep try picking a day or two to meal prep. Schedule this like you would your workouts anything else in your life that is important to you. Pre-cut up your veggies (or buy them pre-cut). Cook your chicken, turkey, organic beef or whatever else you need for dinners and lunches for the next few days. Hard boil up eggs so you can easily grab them for breakfast or a quick snack. If your goals are important to you plan so you can succeed!

In an earlier blog post I shared an article from the Daily Burn with 12 tips to meal planning I thought was also worth sharing again.

If you are interested in saving 20% on the Meal Replacement Shakes or any other Advocare products click here.

Have a great week!

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