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What's the difference between Personal Coaching and Group Fitness?

Fitness question of the day. Between group exercise classes and one-on-one coaching which is more effective? Answer, both! Both options absolutely have their place when it comes to achieving results and both will be effective when paired with quality nutrition and supplementation! The biggest key to deciding which will fit more snugly into your lifestyle lies in understanding what stage you're on in your fitness journey and what you are looking for in a workout.

Working with a coach in a one-on-one environment is especially valuable because you're the star of the show! This allows your exercise guru to tailor the workout to your bodies specific needs. If it's your first time in the gym or it's been a while since you last worked out one of your coaches first priorities will be helping you to develop sound form for every movement. It’s always a good plan to spend some time making sure you're comfortable with proper form to provide a strong foundation to build on.

Another great candidate for the expertise of a personal coach is someone dealing with an injury. Injuries can be incredibly frustrating when they disrupt the flow of your exercise routine. A coach will assist your recovery process by determining how to work around your ailment to keep you moving. Plus, they can help you judge the right amount of work to engage in ensuring you continue to progress without taking things over the top.

Now the claim to fame of group exercise is the high-energy environment. One of the big challenges many people face when it comes to maintaining a fitness program is finding the motivation. Yes, it’s true, not everyone finds the idea of going to the gym to be an exhilarating endeavor and that’s OK. The trick is finding simple ways to make that gym journey a little more palatable. This is where group exercise comes in.

The group environment is an amazing place because it allows the participants to experience the support and encouragement that comes with a team atmosphere, while still benefiting from individualized attention. A crucial element of a fitness program is progressing and adapting exercises to simultaneously fit your ability level and challenge you. The big focus at Fuse is facilitating the client’s needs so they can have the best of both worlds.

Sustainability is another paramount piece of being successful in implementing fitness goals. A well-structured road map to achieving your desired results is helpful because a person can fall back on it. Without a sustainable, reasonable plan it becomes easier to get sidetracked. Working with a coach to put that plan together is a great way to bring success. For example, a plan may include a little time on individual coaching to establish a good working form and then evolve to incorporate group classes to keep things exciting.

Consistently working out with a group of people that you get to know over time is a major plus when it comes to accountability. The community that exists around group classes is welcoming and addicting. If fitness is comparable to a road trip, then group exercise is like road tripping with your friends!

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