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Never Give Up

So we are now into week one of the Burn it to Earn FIT challenge. I will be posting results from week one on Saturday afternoon here.

Every day Jason from team DOMINATE LIFE send a motivating email to his team and I want everyone to get a glimpse of what that looks like, I hope you enjoy these as much as I do... Thank you Jason!

Our team is riding a “high” from the first weigh in and body fat testing results. It’s exciting. We have all been working hard. It’s easy to think that transformation is hard work, but we are actually living that dream. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy, right? We all intuitively know this to be true! But, to see positive results from this hard work is exhilarating! It’s empowering. We all feel that energy. 2017 can absolutely be the best year of our lives. Even if only a small part of you thought that there was going to be something special in store for us in 2017, as you become more comfortable in these new rituals that put you in your desired state – you believe it. How can’t you?

Well, I don’t want to be a “Debby Downer,” but the remaining weeks of the challenge has some surprises in store. Week one results are most likely to be the most dramatic of the entire challenge. Moving forward, if you want to win in this challenge and dominate the transformation process we will need to make adjustments. We’re all going to be forced to continually monitor how our bodies react to the food we eat and the exercises we throw at it. Chances are good – I mean 100% certain – that what you did to succeed in the first weeks of the challenge won’t produce the same (or even close to the same) results as later in the challenge.

You may saying to yourself, “What? Why? I was just starting to feel like I was really in the groove! I have this!”

We all need to consider switching up our workouts. This may mean trying a swimming workout rather than your typical treadmill routine. It could also mean introducing more weight or changing the number of sets or reps in weight training. Mix it up. Push beyond your personal comfort zone. Some might say we’re trying to keep our body guessing. You are all putting stress on your bodies, and during the recovery process everyone’s body is improving in its ability to adapt. It might sound or feel like your body is constantly plotting against you. I know I feel that way a lot these days! As you start to feel your way through the transformation process, don’t be surprised if you do either. What’s the answer? We’ll the specifics are going to be different for each of us and you need to ask for help. Matt, Luke and Ethan are here to help us. In general, remember, Focus = Power. Being mentally strong is so important. You'll never know if you’ve met your limit unless you push your boundaries.

The tagline on every Matt Welters e-mail says, “You cannot out exercise poor nutrition....80% of achieving your goals comes down to what you are or are NOT putting into your body.” We know this and it’s very apparent thru our results that we are paying attention to our nutrition. But, if you read on, it also says, “Let me help you optimize your nutrition to get the most out of every workout!” I know, it’s challenging enough that I’m asking you to consider making some modifications to the workouts. So, don’t cringe when I say it may also be necessary to make modifications to your nutrition to optimize the results your workouts. What’s the answer? Similar to our discussion about modifying workouts, nutrition refinements are going to be different for each of us. This might mean eating more or less carbs, or simply having for breakfast what you normally eat for dinner.

Sometimes it's daunting to change and taking a step up the next rung of a ladder isn’t easy, but this is how we enact change and I promise you’ll see results if you are honest with yourself and keep pushing.


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