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525,600 Minutes – How Do You Measure a Year?

Wow! 1 year! It’s hard to believe we have reached our 1st anniversary. I feel like we need to do a cake smash or something!

When I look back and think about everything that went into creating Fuse Fitness Coaching, it reminds me a lot of my own fitness journey, and that of many of our clients.

Throughout the journey, we faced excitement at what we thought we could accomplish, and even more doubts and fears about possible failure. And the truth is…we knew nothing, Jon Snow. But we overcame those negative thoughts because we wanted to help people, and we wanted to do it on our terms. And we have learned a ton along the way!

So what did it take to get to where we are today, and really what does it take to reach any big goal (like a healthier self)?

1. Vision and Planning: We had to think about the end goal first, and then determine how to get there. Fuse began with a simple idea of bringing friends and family together into a small community, progressing workouts and nutrition plans to achieve lasting results, guidance from professional coaches, and doing it all in a really fun way (Throwback Thursday, anyone?)!

2. Patience and Hard Work: We knew owning a business would be a lot of work, but it was even more than we expected! We haven’t let our feet off the gas pedal since the concept was born, and we don’t plan on letting up anytime soon. But hard work leads to fulfillment. It’s amazing to read and hear some of the comments that our clients have shared, and it makes all the effort worth it.

3. Staying Positive and Trusting: One of my favorite quotes is “Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.” No one has a crystal ball, and sometimes when you’re in the grind you don’t see how far you’ve come or how far you’ll go. But we always try to trust that if we keep doing the right thing, good things will happen.

4. Accepting Imperfection: This one was tough. We had lots of ideas that we wanted to implement with Fuse, but when you’re a small business you don’t always have the resources or the knowledge to bring those ideas to life. But we decided to get scrappy, “fly the airplane as we’re building the wings” and learn as we go. If we waited until everything was perfectly aligned, we would never have launched the business.

5. Asking For Help: This was the most important step of all, and even if we achieved # 1-4, we would not be where we are today without help from so many friends, clients and employees. I don’t think I could name everyone who helped us get here, and I know I’m probably going to forget someone her, but I’ll try:

Heather and Eric Tollefson, Dave and Katie Mechtel, Stacy and Phil Noren, Jess Tesdall, Jill Hafstad, Greg Wheeler, Tony Easton, Dan Grassman, Kris Pfaff, John Pitzl, our families, Luke and Nicole Smith, Lisa Domagall, Lora Meier, Ethan Gutzmann, Abby Nygaard, Nicole Donaldson, Tony Becker, and all of the Fuse Fitness Coaching clients and friends, especially those of you who have shared your experiences here at Fuse Fitness Coaching with others!

Now, go back and think about how these 5 attitudes apply to your fitness journey. Have you embraced them? What has gotten in your way? Could any of these help you overcome those barriers? If you’re not sure, go straight to #5 and let us know how we can help! Our journey has had many ups and downs, and we know yours has, too. But we’re all in this together, baby!

P.S. We have some BIG THINGS in store for year 2! We will be making an announcement at the upcoming Fuse 1 Year Anniversary Celebration and Suns Out Guns Out Awards Banquet on May 26, so be there to be the first to hear! The celebration is open to all!

P.P.S. If you don’t know the reference to the title of this blog, click here and have a listen and get all mushy with us for a minute.

DON'T FORGET: Our first 5k will be on Saturday, May 20 at 10:30 am, starting at Fuse Fitness in Champlin. Please join us to run or walk - it's free!

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