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Why I Think No Food is Healthy

This week the FDA announced that they are looking at defining what “healthy” means on packaging. I’m always concerned when the word “healthy” gets thrown out as it relates to food. NO food is healthy.

Before you lose your mind, hear me out….

Food technically isn’t healthy or unhealthy. Food is nutritious and if you eat a lot of different types of nutritious food YOU can BE healthy. We all agree that broccoli is good for you but if that’s all you are eating would you be healthy? Of course not; your body needs lots of different vitamins and minerals, proteins and fats. Broccoli is therefore a nutritious part of a balanced diet.

When we talk about nutritious foods the conversation needs to start and end with WHOLE FOODS.

What is a “whole food”?

A whole food is food that is close to nature. It looks like the plant it is derived from and very rarely needs a package around it or a food label to tell us what it is. If it is packaged and has a food label, the ingredient list should be short and you should recognize the ingredients as other real foods. Think of fresh and frozen vegetables and fruit, raw nuts and seeds, eggs, raw oats and grains, whole fat (and unsweetened) dairy, and clean meats as your common, real, whole foods.

When I’m speaking with young athletes about nutrition I try to explain nutrition like this, anyone who’s looking for the best results wants to fuel their body with the best quality fuel. Eating processed foods is like fueling your body with oil and water; eating real whole foods is like fueling your body with rocket fuel.

The standard American diet consists of refined and processed foods. Processed foods tend to be higher in refined carbohydrates, have less fiber, and more often than not have unnecessary ingredients---all of which negatively impact metabolism.

Eating whole foods can be more challenging especially when we are all busy and pre-packaged processed foods can seem more convenient. We’ve talked in previous blog post about the need to meal prep when trying to eat better as whole foods tend to take time to prepare. To make this process easier and fun we will be hosting another Simple Fix.

Fuse Fitness Coaching’s Simple Fix - Meal Prep

Fuse Fitness Coaching is excited to offer our second Meal Prep Event at HyVee in Brooklyn Park! Space is limited at 10 participants per night, so please reply ASAP if you want to join us!

Deadline to register is JUNE 14th. After June 15th, you cannot cancel your spot.

*If you want to bring a spouse/+1, please indicate that in your email and if there is space, we will fill the remaining spots with +1's.

To secure your spot, please email Shannon Smith at If you have any additional questions, please direct them to Shannon.

Here are the details:

Pick at date: June 21 OR June 22nd

Time: 5:30-7:30 pm

Location: Brooklyn Park HyVee's Simple Fix Room- located next to the HyVee Market Grille restaurant inside the grocery store (9409 Zane Ave. N, Brooklyn Park, 55443)

Cost: Average costs range from $150-175 for the 8 meals and includes the $10 HyVee prep fee. Payment due June 21 or 22nd.

*Please include in your RSVP if you want the GF options and/or chicken instead of shrimp or salmon .


1. Beef fajita salad 2. Chicken mojito sandwich (includes buns or GF buns) 3. Jalapeno lime shrimp kebabs (sub chicken if not wanting shrimp) 4. Honey sesame grilled chicken thighs 5. Asian salmon with pineapple salsa (sub chicken if not wanting salmon) 6. Chipotle rubbed flank steak with gorgonzola (omit cheese for DF) 7. Breakfast burritos (GF tortilla option; omit cheese for DF) 8. Honey mustard pretzel chicken (GF pretzels for all)

Our supplement of the week is the Mulit……(MNS)- It’s a combination multi-vitamin, fish oil and probiotic. It’s a great insurance plan (to when we don’t always eat the whole foods we are suppose to) to insure that our metabolism is functioning at its best so we can burn fat and build muscle. Talk to a Fuse Fitness Coach about getting started with MNS. If you’d like to receive 20% off MNS or any other of the great Advocare products click here.

Going forward we will be having a weekly quiz at the studio with a chance to win fabulous prizes. Here is this weeks quiz question AND answer:
One of my favorite Podcast is called Underground Wellness. The host calls his whole foods approach J.E.R.F
What does J.E.R.F stand for? Just Eat Real Food!

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