Unite to Ignite: Designed with YOU in Mind!

September 13, 2017


A lot of our clients are gearing up for our current challenge, Unite to Ignite, and are setting health and wellness goals to get some results help their team go for the gold! But wait…what’s the difference between a Goal and Result?! GOALS are based on BEHAVIOR, and RESULTS are more based on NUMBERS. For example, a Goal would be to strength train 3x per week or maybe you make a Goal to drink 100oz of water per day. The Result would be, for example, dropping 10% body fat and/or gaining 10 pounds of lean body mass. Goals are important because they help you obtain Results, and Results are important because they help you set new Goals. Here at Fuse Fitness Coaching, we place an additional emphasis on goal setting; set Goals, change your behavior to reach those goals, and the Results will follow. Trouble setting goals? Maybe setting too many? Not sure what Goals to make to align with the Results you want? Sit down with one of our Results Coaches…we are more than happy to help you! Need some extra motivation? Join our Unite to Ignite Team Transformation Challenge! Unite to Ignite is unique from our previous challenges in a few ways, but most importantly, we designed it with your Goals and desired Results in mind!


As in all of our challenges, you have a 4 person team. That’s no accident! Statistically, people are more likely to reach goals when they have other people motivating them than if they were to work alone. You’re more likely to come to class, check-in with your coach, and eat right because not only do you have goals for yourself, but your team is depending on you. For this challenge, we decided to really focus on the team aspect. If all team members check in for the week, that’s an additional 20 points…just for checking in! So now, your team is not only depending on you to get results, but they’re depending on you to show up. What is showing up? A behavior. So make a goal to not only come to class, but to check-in every week! This challenge, while still focusing on you reaching your body composition results, majorly hones in on your accountability, which ties into goal-setting and behavior change!



Aside from accountability, you can earn points weekly based on the ratio in body fat percentage lost. For example, if at the beginning of the challenge you are at 20% body fat and end the challenge at 15% body fat, you earn 25 points because you lost a fourth of your original body fat. If someone is 8% body fat and goes down to 6% body fat, that is also worth 25 points because the individual lost a fourth of their original body fat as well. This helps even the playing field. You can also earn points by attending one of our ‘Tools to Ignite’ workshops or earn 5 points per person on your team that has never participated in a Fuse Fitness Coaching team transformation challenge before!


While there are many tools that can help you be successful in this challenge, one SUPER DUPER MEGA IMPORTANT tool is PROTEIN! Protein plays a MAJOR role in building muscle and muscle recovery. It also helps you feel fuller. In a previous blog, Matt talked about various methods of consuming protein such as Post-Workout Protein and Meal Time Protein. You can read that post here: https://www.fusefitnesscoaching.com/single-post/2016/08/26/Want-to-see-results-faster 


In this post, I’m going to review some of Matt’s main points, with my additional two sense put in, of course. Getting the right amount of protein is crucial in reaching your fitness goals. More importantly, getting the right amount of quality protein will make a significant difference in your progress and results.


The right amount of protein differs for everyone because our needs vary by our body composition, the amount of workouts we do, the intensity of those workouts, and how many calories we are taking in per day. Results Mapping plays a huge role in all the above; we calculate your body composition, discuss the intensity and frequency of your workouts, and design a meal plan with macronutrient breakdowns (so you’ll have a guideline for your daily protein intake!!!), all with your goals and results in mind!


Not getting enough protein in your diet can result in lower lean body mass because of lost muscle mass. This in turn could lead to a slower metabolism, hindering your ability to burn more calories at rest. Not getting enough protein could also cause you to have slower muscle recovery and repair, meaning you’ll feel sore for a longer period of time.


However, there is also such a thing as getting too much protein. While not necessarily harmful, it certainly doesn’t help you. Firstly, your body can only absorb so much protein at a time. It won’t hurt you to have a whopping 75g protein shake…it’s just that your body won’t absorb all of it, and the rest will pass through. That’s a waste of precious protein powder!


Another important aspect of protein intake is the quality of the protein you are consuming. What I mean by this is two things: 1) it is a lean protein, meaning it is low in fat (but if it does have fat, it is a healthy source of fat) and 2) it is a complete protein, meaning it has all of the essential amino acids. Most often, animal protein sources are going to fulfill the two criteria above. Examples include chicken, turkey, lean pork, lean beef, lamb, buffalo/bison, seafood, eggs, and lean dairy. Plant sources work too, but they’ll need to be paired in order to have a complete amino acid profile. Quality plant sources include beans, nuts/seeds, legumes, grains, soy, and lentils. Various protein powders are also an excellent option! Here at Fuse Fitness Coaching we sell Advocare products; while they are not the cheapest, they are approved by the NCAA and are high quality. Talk to a Results Coach today to learn more about the Advocare products we offer.


In both Unite to Ignite and reaching your fitness Goals and desired Results, it is important to consume the correct amount of good quality protein. Schedule a Results Mapping session with your coach today to make sure you’re on the right track!



Our supplement of the week is Advocare’s Meal Replacement Shakes. At a 1 to 1 ratio of protein to carbs, it makes a great snack for post workout or as a meal if you are too busy to sit down to eat. If you would like to try a sample, talk to a Fuse Fitness Coach!


Psst! Check out the current seasonal flavor: Iced Lemon Cake. Available for a limited time only! 



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