Have a Happy (Healthy) Holiday!

November 15, 2017

Ahh…the holidays! Quality time spent with loved ones, time off work, presents, and of course…THE FOOD! Nothing but parties with endless buffets at relatives’ homes filled with wondrous amounts of indulgent carbs, fat, and sugar. While incredibly delicious, these treats unfortunately set us up for some serious weight gain over the holidays if we aren’t careful. With Thanksgiving, Black Friday (click here for our deals!), Holiday Parties, and Christmas right around the corner, how can you avoid the weight gain associated with the Holiday Season? Not to worry…you can most definitely still enjoy your favorite foods! Your coaches here at Fuse have some tips and tricks to help you get through the holidays while enjoying the treats without the weight gain!



  1. Stuff the turkey, not yourself. Okay…that’s sort of a joke, but in all seriousness, many of us eat until we’re stuffed, on the verge of a food coma, and about to burst. Do your best to eat slowly, enjoy your food, and this will ensure you’re more likely to stop when you’re full rather than stuffed.  

  2. Don't arrive hungry. Many people will avoid eating or eat less earlier in the day in anticipation of eating too much later in the day at a holiday party. This actually leaves you worse off. You’re more likely to binge if you feel like you’re starving than if your body has been fed earlier in the day, which leads me to my next point…

  3. Focus on quality over quantity. If you focus first on filling up on quality foods like veggies, fiber, and lean protein earlier in the day and on your first trip for food at the get together, you won't be as hungry later, so instead of eating a whole pie, you simply have a slice.

  4. Grab a smaller plate. Instead of grabbing a huge plate and cramming as much food onto it as you can, opt for a smaller plate and shoot for proper portion sizes. Studies have shown that smaller plates typically lead to a person consuming less overall than if they had a large plate.

  5. Limit Your Holiday Spirits. And by spirits, I mean alcohol. Alcohol is a lot of “empty calories” and provides you no nutritional value whatsoever. It can also dehydrate you. Try to limit the amount of alcohol you drink and aim for beverages with less sugar. I’d also recommend having a glass of water in between to stay hydrated and to help you be less tempted to have another cocktail!

  6. Avoid Guilt by Association. What I mean by this is, don’t hover near the kitchen or wherever the food is set out. We’re more likely to graze (thus consuming additional calories) if we’re near the table where the food is, right? You might not even realize it, but a pretzel or cookie here and there will add up after having them constantly in your reach. Distance yourself from where the food is after having your meal, and you’ll be less likely to stack up additional calories.

  7. Meal Prep with your Fuse Fam! Our next HyVee Simple Fix Meal Prep workshop is set for December 6th and 7th at HyVee in Brooklyn Park from 5:30pm-7:30pm. Average cost ranges from $165-$180 for the 9 meals (that each serve 4) and that includes the $15 HyVee meal prep fee. December’s selections are a lot of crockpot meals (how fitting for the chilly season!). Email Shannon Smith at shamarie@hotmail.com with any questions or to reserve your spot.

  8. Take a class at Fuse! Thanksgiving morning at both Champlin and Elk River Fuse we will have classes going, so get your workout in before that big meal! You can come in the day after on Black Friday too and get another workout along with some sweet Black Friday deals! We’ll have workouts close to Christmas and the New Year as well to help you stay on track through each holiday!




I’m sure I could add quite a few more points to this list, but I think you guys get the picture. Know that you can enjoy yourself and have some treats, but be mindful and conscientious of what you are eating. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that doesn’t stop at your results.

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