The Million Dollar Question

"The million dollar question: why have I stayed at Fuse Fitness Coaching?" Bert Anderson, First Time Mom MN blogger and beloved member of the Fuse Family shared a bit of her story in a moving Instagram post, and we thought it was more than worth the read! Check it out below:


"I’m not thrilled with this picture but I think there has got to be less pretty and more authenticity on the Internet so here it goes...

I’ve been at this working out thing for an entire year now. There have been ups but truthfully there’s been more downs than I’d like to admit. I’m not where I want to be weight-wise but the journey I’ve taken to get to this point will be worth it in the end. 


Back in 2016, against the advice of a few friends and family members I started a diet that unfortunately wreaked havoc on my metabolism. I was in a very desperate state when I decided to do it and I wanted a quick fix.


It’s taken a year to realize the damage that that low calorie diet, as in 500-800 calories a day, did to my body but I understand now the impact my act of desperation had on me. I’ve cried quite a bit these last few weeks and I’ve had a break through. It finally all clicked: I actually have to eat in order to lose fat. 


I didn’t understand that in order to build the muscle that I break down lifting weights I really do have to fuel my body. I have spent the last year tearing muscle down and because I was afraid to eat, I’ve gained fat and lost muscle. 


So the million dollar question: Why have I stayed at Fuse Fitness Coaching? Simple. The trainers that have sat with me while I cried, the community who have spoken confidence in me when I wanted to walk out, and the laughs I’ve shared while pushing myself to the limit. I’m happy to share that I’ve finally started to see the numbers move in the right direction; one whole year later. Life change doesn’t happen overnight and it really all comes down to community. I hope you have a place to find your way into a life of wellness. If you’re in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis come and join me at Fuse!"



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