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Beyond the Challenge: Where do we go from here?

Beyond the Challenge

I’m biased. We run an awesome business in the fitness industry, in some pretty amazing communities.

At Fuse Fitness Coaching we have a great staff that will not only get you to perspire, but also inspire through individualized personal training in a group setting. The coaches at Fuse Fitness Coaching have fine-tuned a training program to guarantee results that includes nutrition counseling, personal training in a group setting, results coaching and nutritional supplement advice. Even saying all that, the greatest thing we have done to date is to create team-based 6-week challenges.

What is a 6 week team challenge at Fuse?

What is a 6 week Team Challenge at Fuse?

If you aren’t a member of Fuse Fitness Coaching, or have not heard about us, our challenges are team based. We have found that beyond providing you with a nutrition and exercise plan to succeed and giving you the tools to help you reach your goals, the community and accountability of being on a team helps you find your way to the finish line.

To begin with, we determine your starting point--i.e.-your weight, body fat composition and lean mass. Our program is not a quick answer. We are not an immediate weight loss program. Our program requires hard work, dedication, and faith in our system. So for those of you who have participated in our program, thank you for putting your trust in our system and community.

Six week Challenge

One of the big things that has been plaguing my mind as we come to a close on this challenge is: Where do we go from here?

I’ve put together a few tips I think may help you transition out of the challenge and onward with kicking butt and reaching your goals.

Five Tips for Success After a Six Week Challenge

  • High Five yourself. I know we joke about handing out free high fives all day long, but seriously, don’t stop doing this. You have accomplished some amazing things!! Success may not have come in the ways you expected. I wish I could throw away every scale in the universe. You are not meant to be a certain weight; you are meant to be a strong, confident, dedicated and disciplined individual who strives to better themselves every day. The number on the scale DOES NOT DEFINE THIS! So stop letting it define you.

  • Choose your lifestyle. What two things can you take from the challenge and continue doing? Is it something like working out 3 days per week? Is it carb-backloading? Is it none or not as much alcohol? Is it getting your fruit and vegetable servings in? Our program is again, not meant to be a diet program, but a lifestyle change. Pick TWO things that you can take with you. If you can do this, you have made some big changes, and have made your FUSE Results Coaches proud!

  • Balance. I almost included this in the lifestyle bullet above, but I have a lot to say about this. You will NEVER hear me tell you to completely avoid anything. In fact, ridding something completely out of your life only sets you up for failure. If there are days/weeks that you need to take off, if there are foods you want to eat, drinks you want to have, DO IT! In fact, invite me-I could most likely out eat anyone in a cake eating contest. But that’s my lifestyle. Could I likely accomplish more? Probably, but my lifestyle consists of having the occasional (sometimes very occasional) splurging on a fantastic burger and fries. If that is you, well then kudos to you for finding balance as well!

  • Guilty Pleasures. I’m totally stealing this from my mentor, Pastor Kelly Dykstra. This goes way deeper than the scope of our challenge, but I’ll keep it light for extent of this article. We should not have guilty pleasures. If it makes you feel guilty, it should not be a pleasure. Either get rid of the guilt, or get rid of the pleasure. Make sense? If it’s something you love-like chocolate, beer (like me), Candy Crush (like Pastor Kelly 😉) or spending vacations out of the gym and on a beach with a fantastic book, having someone feed you grapes while you sip daiquiris, ENJOY it!!! And don’t feel guilty. If this is part of your lifestyle, let’s make this work for you!

  • Continue to create goals. No matter where we are at in life, we should always be striving to be better, stronger, more confident in who we are. After all, if we are not growing, we are dying. The last thing any of us want is to wake up in the morning feeling dormant, stagnant, out of control or directionless. Have short term goals. Have long term goals. Have goals relating to physical and mental health. Another challenge is always lying ahead. Find it.

Know that no matter the chaos in the world, you can find stability, accountability and community within our four walls. Know that we are here for YOU!

And great news! We don’t just end it here. Just like the rest of life, our need for support and community is never ending. That’s why we will be holding another challenge in the fall. More to come on that, but don’t let this down time stop you from reaching your amazing talents, goals and strive to be a better you!

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