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More Than Checking the Box

Checking the Box

After the completion of the last challenge I have been showing up to the gym, doing the workouts, and then leaving to run off to work, run an errand, or whatever else in my life I needed to check-off. Our days are filled with boxes that need checking off; kids to school, groceries, hockey practice, workout, skate sharpening, drop off lunch that some child left at home, dinner prep, etc. The lists can look easy, but as I found out, a fever in an eight year old and a traveling husband can throw lists into chaos. But, that’s life and we have all been there. My workouts have been relegated to the check-off category and I know it. I feel it. And part of me is okay with that, and the other part, the part of me I should listen to more, isn’t remotely happy. I show up and do the work, but I am not letting that work pay off.


I’m just checking the box.

I will be checking in for the challenge tomorrow and for me, I need to focus on what I know gives me the best chance to make the work I put in pay off. I’m not doing German Volume Training for fun – those 100 reps better pay off. Sleep, nutrition, water, and challenging myself to work a little harder are my keys to success. I also need my team and the accountability that comes with it. We are all in this together; that’s why I love the team challenge competitions at Fuse.

Getting enough sleep might seem easy but it never is unless my nutrition is right. We have all heard it at the gym when our heart rate isn’t doing what it should; did you get enough sleep? Did you drink enough water? After the last challenge I still maintained a lot of the good habits that allow for success but slowly my poor habits started to sneak back in. Those super awesome workout-negating habits. Too much sugar, alcohol, and caffeine, coupled with late dinners have been pushing me to the limits of what I need to be a functional, patient, and productive person. Sleep-deprived me is not very nice either. Ask my kids. I am also the reigning queen of the slippery slope. A Diet Coke turns into a Coke, a glass of wine turns into three, morning coffee turns into having a cup at 3:00 p.m., and all things hockey have turned the dinner window to between 4:30 and 10:00 pm. I reach for a coffee instead of water because I’m tired. I reach for sugar instead of healthy filling carbohydrates because it’s easy! I have again become my own worst enemy.

Fitness Coaching

Fitness Support

So, tomorrow is the first day of checking some new boxes. Or I should say new old boxes. I have already done the grocery shopping; thinking of the daily meals, snacks, and planning some healthy snacks to squirrel away for an out-of-town hockey tournament. I also may have eaten-through all of the temptation in house so that was helpful. But, I’m ready to start again and that is one of the hardest boxes to check off.

Good luck to everyone participating in the team challenges and the fabulous ladies prepping for the show in May!

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