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How to Find the Right "Diet" for You

If you have tried more than one “quick-fixing, tea-drinking, detox-ing” diet and it hasn’t worked, that just may be because it was not built to work. “Diets” are meant to work for a little while until you fall off the wagon and come running back to the same quick fix – they are built to keep you coming back, rather than built to keep you upright, stable, and full of healthy carbs (and a few unhealthy ones because #balance).


The truth is that the “right diet” for you is the one where you are listening to your body, getting in enough protein, and fueling your body properly for your day. Sometimes this means building up your carbohydrate intake before and after your heavy lifts to help with glycogen levels & energy, and other times it means ordering a salad because it sounds good, not because you’re afraid the bread basket has teeth.

One thing that sets Fuse apart from other nutritional coaching programs is the way we approach the concept of nutrition (a common factor in most fitness programs). The coaches at Fuse want you to be more mindful of what you are putting in your body – how you feel when you are eating chicken, vegetables and other nutrient-dense food versus how you feel when you eat Doritos for breakfast. Fuse isn’t here to help you lose as much weight as possible in as little time as possible; the key is to settle in for the ride, work WITH your body and its needs, and allow yourself to enjoy moving and fueling your body properly.

If you have ridden the diet train and fallen off the tracks one too many times to be considered acceptable, you are not alone. Millions of people ride that train every day – they get off at burger station because it's more appealing when you tell yourself you are not allowed to have it, veer right at candy island because ditto, and crash into every food item they have deemed “unacceptable”, “unhealthy” or “bad” (it’s food, stop giving it so much power) because they have reached maximum restriction capability.

mindful eating

No one can tackle getting off the diet train for you, but the coaches at Fuse can give you guidelines, touch base when you have questions, and be there to celebrate with you every step and every use of the #balance hashtag along the way.

With the upcoming Hustle for the Muscle Challenge, you get the opportunity to meet with a trainer/coach from Fuse that will help you set up behavior-based goals to focus on. As opposed to staring at the number on the scale & begging it to be lower, the trainer you are matched with (along with your other three team members) will help you pinpoint goals such as perfecting your squat form, box jumping sans injury, or doing a gosh darn pull-up (no? just me?). And while you’re at Fuse, take note that there are no mirrors on the walls – fitness and nutrition isn’t all about watching what you do; it’s about how you feel that really helps to make a positive impact.

To get more info on our Hustle for the Muscle Challenge, go here:

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