Brittany's Story

Brittany_Before and After.png

With on-and-off success over the past 2 years (eyeroll), I rejoined Fuse this past February, with a fire in my heart and a determination that nothing or no one was going to get in the way of. I decided it's time, time to be this fierce woman, mother, daughter, and friend who can prove to the world (and to myself) that I can just freakin' do it (lol)! It's not pretty. I'm not pretty in the gym. I sound like a grunting gorilla (as some of you know), and I'm a sweaty mess (even when I'm trying to not sweat off my fresh spray tan), but I wouldn't have it any other way. It makes every day that I go in better, in every single way.

My body is transforming along with my mind, heart, and confidence. I am my own biggest critic...but finally my smile is starting to show up, little by little, looking in the mirror and accomplishing my goals. I know I deserve to feel this way, everyone does.

Of all the gyms and trainers and $ spent, I feel at home here. I feel comfortable and safe; safe enough to have a bad day, safe enough to admit I'm struggling when I am, and safe enough to make really ridiculous noises while lifting heavy things. But most of all, Fuse is fun! That's why it's easy to come 5-6 days a week (pretty religiously at this point).

It's finally this challenge that I pushed myself enough to see the results I've been wanting all along, and this time I'm not going to quit (fingers crossed).

I'm proud of myself and I thank my entire Fuse family for your support. I have lost about 10 lbs off the scale, 13% points of body fat, almost 2 sizes in jeans, and gained confidence, self-worth, energy, lots of muscle, good sleep, and so much more.

I also thank my mother for always, no matter what, believing in me...every time I fall off and get back up she is the first to say, "you can do it." Also, thanks to my kids for literally taking food out of my hands, and constantly telling me how good I look and how pretty I am. I'm a lucky lady to have such an amazing support system at the gym AND at home!

​I was ready for this challenge. I was excited for it. I made new nutrition goals, and I quit fireball (lol)!


But let me take you back. I'm not really sure where to and taking care of my health and nutrition have been a real struggle, not my entire life, but most of it, even more so after having children. I jump on and back off (not sure why the offs).​​ We all make excuses for ourselves that we 100% believe, to make ourselves feel better about leaving our goals behind.

I separated from the father of my kids 2 years ago. It was a new beginning, a fresh start and also a tough adjustment and place to climb out of. It was time to be the Britt my loved-ones knew and reminded me that I could be once again (my family and friends btw are the best)!