Virtual Coaching

Light your fuse away from FUSE

Nutrition Coaching - Results Mapping

Now you can tap into the power of Fuse Fitness coaching, anywhere you are! Virtual Personal Training is for anyone who is not able to meet at Fuse in person, but still wants help with goal-setting, accountability, and a customized plan.

This intro 6 week program is based on the Ignite, Burn, Explode progressions, utilizing any type of equipment (or body weight) YOU have access to. The program also includes a PERSONALIZED  nutrition plan and supplement recommendations based on your goals.

You will work (virtually) with a Certified Personal Trainer and Fuse Fitness Coach to set the plan and check in weekly using our Results Mapping Program which measures body fat and lean muscle tissue.   Once we have your Results Mapping numbers each week we can make adjustments to your program  to keep you moving towards the result you are looking for!


After 6 weeks you can set new goals and choose to continue the program, either virtually or in person.  


Please contact us if you have any questions.  



Pricing Info:    $199 - 6 Week Intro Program

                           $99 - Monthly for on-going coaching