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Stuck at home? Missing the gym and your friends?


​Join together for extra coaching, planning, accountability, and encouragement - no matter where you are!

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Our 6-week Team Challenge is going virtual! What's different about this challenge? It's focused on teams, movement, and healthy behaviors! You are on a team of 3-5 people who earn points each week for completing the tasks that we assign you. You get encouragement, community, accountability, and professional training from a certified personal training. And we think you'll have fun doing it!


  • Week of April 13: Initial Results Mapping Session with Trainer (Virtual)

  • April 18: Live Kickoff Bootcamp and Seminar (All Virtual)

  • Weeks In-between: You and Your Team Crush the Behaviors!

  • May 30: Celebration and Awards Party (Likely Virtual)


  • 3-5 people

    • Build your own group of buddies!

    • Need help? We'll set you up to make new gym friends.

  • Max of 25 teams (or 100 total participants)

  • Give us a team name (funny preferred but not required)


  • Team points accumulate, then averaged (everyone contributes!)

  • New Peeps: 5 pts for every person who hasn't trained at Fuse

  • Movement: 1 pt for every 200 MEPs (you need a MyZone belt to get these points; ask us if you want more info)

  • Kickoff Event: 5 pts for attending virtual kickoff and 5 pts for virtual seminar

  • Healthy Behaviors: 5 pts each week for completing the task and checking "yes" in the survey we send each week



In an effort to promote healthy lifestyles and avoid OVER-TRAINING, MEPs points will be awarded for Blue, Green, and Yellow zones only. That's right, RED does not count.

  • 5 points for EACH person on team who completes each week:

  • Wk 1: Check in session with trainer and create your plan

  • Wk 2: Create a 5-week workout schedule

  • Wk 3: Track nutrition for 3 days and share with your trainer

  • Wk 4: Drink and track half your body weight in water oz each day

  • Wk 5: Eat 1 serving of protein for at least 3 meals each day

  • Wk 6: 10 min of meditation OR write 3 things you're grateful for each day

how to schedule

  • From this web-site, click schedule/book online in menu

  • From MindBody App, search for Fuse Fitness Coaching Champlin

  • Click Appointments

  • Click 1:1 Personal Training

  • Click Results Mapping (SGT)

  • Pick a Coach (or any staff)

  • Pick a date and time from April 13-17


  • FREE: current Fuse clients on autopay!

    • Thanks for sticking with us. This is one way we're committed to providing value to you during this crazy time.​

  • JUST $20 if never trained at Fuse before!

    • This allows us to compensate our trainers for their time.

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