Points can be earned by recruiting new people to join your team, earning MEPs, gaining muscle, and losing fat. These are the key elements needed to feel fit and fabulous!

  • Team with HIGHEST AVERAGE points at end of 6 weeks wins.

  • 10 points PER PERSON who did not compete in the previous Fuse Fitness Coaching Team Transformation Challenge (Winter Back to Basics Challenge).  MUST attend kick off Boot Camp AND Seminar on 4/17/21 to receive these points!!!!

  • Results points:

    • At check-ins, Results Coach does a 4 site skinfold assessment. Points are rewarded for ratio of % Body Fat Change (lean muscle tissue gained vs. fat lost). Example 1: 40% body fat goes to 30% that’s 25 points for the 25% drop. Example 2: Go from 20% body fat to 15% ALSO get 25 points for 25% drop.

  • MEPs points:

    • 1 point for every 200 MyZone Effort Points (MEPs) earned throughout the duration of the challenge. MAXIMUM OF 6000 MEPs (30 points) total.

      • Points for MEPs given for time spent in MyZone Zones Blue (2), Green (3), and Yellow (4).  MEPs are calculated based on the average of each minute of activity, so you should still work to red and then rest to blue.